"[PCT’s Nanopowder] enclosure was found to be very effective at containing nanoalumina during pouring and transfer."

UMass Lowell
Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing

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While PCT takes pride in our containment solutions, no solution will work well unless it is properly used; and as site budgets are being squeezed, PCT can assist site safety groups in training their employees in proper equipment usage.

Among the training we can provide:

  • User Training - PCT will demonstrate correct (and incorrect) procedures for working with the containment solution and provide the general design concepts to allow for successful use of the unit.
  • Facility Training - PCT can work with Facility groups to show them how our systems work, are used, and what facility requirements (utilities, air, etc) will be needed.
  • Service/Maintenance Training - PCT can train site maintenance groups to provide yearly preventative maintenance programs on the equipment.
  • Certification Training - as our clients often use 3rd party Certification groups to verify performance before use, PCT can provide those groups with education on our units and what will be required for certification.
  • Safe Powder Handling Training - PCT can provide a general overview to the safety hazards associated with handling hazardous powders and what steps can be taken to reduce that exposure
  • Nano-Particle Handling Training; PCT, in conjunction with UMass-Lowell can provide Safe Handling Training when using Nano-Particles as their characteristics are unique and provide special handling and containment challenges