"[PCT’s Nanopowder] enclosure was found to be very effective at containing nanoalumina during pouring and transfer."

UMass Lowell
Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing

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Due to hazardous nature of our clients’ applications, it is quite often necessary to verify the containment performance of our sysytems.  As a complete provider, PCT can build into your project the required containment testing or surrogate studies in order to deliver a fully functioning and documented solution.  Among these tests are:

dummy watching testing procedure
  • ASHRAE110 Fume Hood Gas Challenge; tracer gas challenge using SF6 gas and a breathing zone sampling manikin.
  • Surrogate Powder Study; these tests use actual surrogate powders selected to best represent the clients’ product and handling challenges.  Applications are carried out using the surrogate and breathing zone, enclosure and area samples are taken to determine exposure limits.
  • Nano-Particle Study; in collaboration with UMass-Lowell PCT can develop custom systems and test them for use with nano-particles by using actual nano-particles to challenge with.  This allows for the truest representation of the N-P containment and handling challenges
  • Chemical Resistance Data;  most materials used by PCT have complete chemical resistance data available
  • Pressure Decay and Leak Testing; used most often for Isolators, these tests confirm the systems’ abilities to maintain desired pressure levels and verify sealed integrity of the unit
  • Enclosure Flow Mapping; some applications require very specific atmospheres within the unit and we can provide atmospheric and flow mapping to verify desired environment
  • PCt maintains a library of past testing on its’ standard and custom systems.  Please feel free to register on the website for secure access to that information