"[PCT’s Nanopowder] enclosure was found to be very effective at containing nanoalumina during pouring and transfer."

UMass Lowell
Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing

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Aside from our standard containment solutions, PCT provides a variety of customized solutions to fit the application needs. Due to the custom nature of these projects there are often many steps available to ensure the high quality and performing system. Among those are:


  • Needs Assessment; meet with the client to determine hazard categorization and facility standards and protocols for handling
  • Application Review; meet with end-users to witness and learn the application itself and all user interfaces
  • Concept Design Process; work with End-users, Site IH/EH&S and Facility Engineering to develop solution that meets all parties’ needs
  • Ergonomic Mock-Up; after the concept stage is finished an enclosure mock-up (corrugated, acrylic, or wood) is provided to verify installation path as well as user access and application demands
  • Sign-Off Drawing generation; after all parties are in agreement a detailed sign-off drawing is generated for review and sign-off before production begins
  • Factory and/or Site Acceptance testing; using 3rd party groups for independence, PCT will manage containment challenges and tests (ASHRAE, surrogate studies, etc) as designed per application requirements.
  • Installation and Validation; PCT can provide complete set-up and installation of all systems provided. Performance and Validation checks can also be provided as required
  • User Training; due to the fact that User actions are often the most critical part of containment solutions, PCT can provide full User Training to be ensure proper use and understanding of the soltuion