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Pharmaceutical Containment Technologies’ isolators provide a complete physical barrier between the analyst and the high potency powder or other hazardous material. Designed to protect the product during synthesis, preparation or analysis, these isolators can also maintain a negative pressure environment, which protects the user in the event of a glove or seal failure.



  • Leak tested for containment integrity
  • Easy access for large sample containers
  • Can be operated as a stand alone system; no additional air handling facilities required
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Easy to clean and mobile
  • Safe-change HEPA fi ltration
  • Glove ports on either side allows easy access to all area inside the unit
  • A large removable access plate for introducing equipment such as analytical balances
  • Gas taps and internal power sockets fi tted as standard
  • Test to ISPE guidelines using lactose as surrogate powder
  • Can be customized for optional design


  • Potent compound drying and handling
  • Dispensing, weighing and charging of bulk potent compounds
  • Contain formulation, powder characterization and manufacturing equipment
  • Provide a controlled atmosphere for temperature, humidity and O2 sensitive applications
  • Inhalation and aerosol applications