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Custom Convertible Containment System

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We specialize in custom containment solutions for any application, no matter how large or small. With many years experience of designing containment systems, we provide a range of versatile custom-built containment systems for the laboratory, manufacturing environment, or OEM applications. Our team of designers can produce unique containment systems to meet your specific requirements while ensuring good ergonomic, instrumentation access and most importantly guaranteed operator safety.


Using a consultative approach when determining solutions, our designs are often customized to fit the unique needs of the customer. During the discovery period, our experts gather the safety, facility and user requirements for each application. After an on-site facility assessment and the requirements are gathered, the equipment manufacturer is engaged for optimal design of access and integration for use, maintenance and future functionality. The custom designs offer flexibility, allowing the enclosure to be built on-site around larger, existing automation and formulation systems. Units also can be linked to other containment enclosures such as the ST-range and climate control cabinets for continuous processing.


In addition to systems built for end users, we also work closely with many original equipment manufacturers to produce specific instrument enclosures that ensure complete compliance with the instrumentation requirements. Working with manufacturers, we have produced custom OEM containment technologies for applications and instruments such as:

  • Tablet production
  • Particle imaging
  • Particle sizing
  • Powder mills
  • Liquid handlers
  • HPLC systems
  • Acid digestion instrumentation
  • Climatically controlled enclosures



  • Custom containment solutions built as a stand-alone unit or linked to existing systems
  • Stainless steel or acrylic systems with HEPA or solvent filtration to suit any application
  • Unique, patented sash design allows for ease of use while providing consistent containment
  • Ergonomic design allows access to top and bottom areas of enclosure without restriction
  • All units are modular for function or process upgrade
  • Factory acceptance tested to customer/ user specifications

Application Specific

  • Instrumentation enclosures – particle sizing, robotics, formulations, process and analytical instrumentation
  • Pilot plants – stainless steel designs for easy cleaning and scale-up processes
  • Bulk powder weighing enclosures – unique construction for safe handling of any potent compound