Bulk Powder Dispensing Systems PDF Print E-mail


Pharmaceutical Containment Technologies offers a wide range of bulk powder containment systems designed for applications where larger quantities of potent powders are manipulated: sampling or dispensing from bulk containers, charging large containers, or processing bulk material. Materials of construction can include acrylic, glass and stainless steel; all easily customized to specifi c applications.

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Independently performance tested for containment
  • Safe-change HEPA filtration
  • Energy saving recirculating system
  • Localized extract point around drum opening
  • Ventilation points for work-zones and drums
  • Dual sensor datalogging alarm
  • Velocity alarms and pressure gauges available
  • Integral stainless steel mobile bench
  • Optional integrated drumlift mechanism
  • Hazardous waste disposal chute
  • Unique extract system to provide optimum containment around the drum access while providing laminar airfl ow for balance stability
  • Ergonomic design allows for easy drum handling and excellent visibility while providing proven containment
  • Drum access mechanism is easy to use and can be adapted for a wide range of containers
  • Easy to clean level stainless steel including transition chutes to reduce spillage
  • Additional features can include clean-in-place and vacuum systems, emergency power stops, continuous liners and pass-thrus, equipment interlocks, and connection to powder handling systems