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PCT’s balance enclosures are designed specifically for the protection of analysts during weighing processes. With customizable options and unique designs, PCT’s balance enclosures ensure safety while providing application flexibility.



  • Elevated face opening for enhanced ergonomics.
  • Enlarged face opening for easy access (ideal for applications requiring high or low access).
  • Low turbulence and vibration isolation for balance stability.
  • Large utility port for associated cords and cabling.
  • Easy clean with removable internal plenum.
  • Direct fi lter-load monitor
  • Multiple confi guration layouts to meet facility needs.
  • Enclosures available in 3’, 4’ and 5’ widths.
  • For additional sizes, ask representative for details
  • High-grade material construction:
  • Acrylic available for bench-top research and light cleaning
  • Stainless steel available for heavier applications and harsh chemical cleaning
  • GMP Compliant



  • Convertible glove panel for isolator environment.
  • Fan & fi ltration unit (single or dual HEPA available)
  • Bag-in/ bag-out
  • Face velocity alarm
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Fanbox silencer






Produced from 316L stainless steel, these enclosures are ideal for weighing potent powders where the added benefits of stainless construction are required.