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"For the design and fabrication of [a] containment system to support high thru put equipment in a BSL-3 laboratory, the product design, quality and service was outstanding."

Cornell University

Wayne Davenport, Project Manager

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Pharmaceutical Containment Technologies (PCT) is a value-added supplier of containment products for use in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech and chemical industries. 

Our products range from balance enclosures to isolators to custom-built solutions for full-scale manufacturing operations.  PCT can provide services such as installation, user training, preventative maintenance packages, IQ/OQ documentation, and Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT/SAT).




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PCT provides high-quality solutions, superior customer service, full testing capabilities, complete documentation packages and maintenance contracts for your unique application.

PCT can also serve as your online industry resource: from training videos and interactive tools to industry news updates and trade journal links, PCT provides the information you need. Use the main menu bar to access your industry information.

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  • Safe Change HEPA filters available in H-13 (99.995%) and H-14 (99.9995%)
  •  DH-14 SafeChange Dual HEPA available.  One filter unit with 2 sets of HEPA media within same
  • End line carbon filtration available for nuisance odors and vapors
  • ALWAYS challenge filter efficiency after set-up and filter changes (aerosol challenge – i.e. DOP, PAO, etc)
  • ALWAYS include site IH and EH&S services for local guidance and policies

HELPFUL HINTS:  $$ Saving Designs 

Typical Fume Hood face opening:                         Typical Vented Enclosure opening:
 •  60”w x 18”t = 7.5’sq                                             •  60”w x 8”t = 3.33’sq
   At 100fpm that equals ~750+CFM                         •  At 100fpm that equals ~333+CFM
 •  At $5 CFM/hood/year equals ~$3750                      At 80fpm that equals ~267+CFM
                                                                          At $5 CFM/hood/year equals ~$1335
Reduced face openings and proper design can provide significant cost savings. To learn how the right design can help your bottom line, contact a PCT representative: 636-305-9296